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Summer 2011

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July 2010 Quick Update:

The "Summer Shipment" of boxes of books from  First Book  have begun to arrive!  I am so excited to be offering these books free to the children of Waldo County!  I will be distributing them through school districts, community centers, and home schooler's groups.


Autumn 2009: Oh what fun we're going to have!
*For the younger set, I have been having tons of fun with  Bear in a Square  in French/English and Spanish/English as well! One of my favorite young children's Barefoot Books to read, from one of my favorite young children's picture book "series" was recently published in a bilingual French/English translation edition, as well as in Spanish/English, so look for them at The Inside Out Playground Storytimes this autumn.
*I'm excited to be using the new  "Kids' Kitchen: 40 Fun and Healthy Recipes to Make and Share"  in my kids cooking classes. The forty recipes in this colorful deck are based around the five main food groups, and offer a healthy and exciting way to learn about cooking.
*New Read to Feed titles are  The Chicken and the Worm  for Pre-K & kindergarten audiances, and  Winter in Songming  for 3rd & 4th grades. 
*African Tales  is new from Barefoot Books, with eight stories in this collection, each from a different African country, feature educational facts and information about the cultures from which they are chosen.  10% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Books for Africa, an organization that collects, ships and distributes books to children across the African continent.
*Another recent Barefoot Books release, Lin Yi's Lantern  is a wonderful story I enjoy sharing, along with a lantern making project. The Chinese Moon Festival will fall on October 3rd this year, so be sure to check my schedule around that time to see where I'll be reading it. Here's more about the book: Lin Yi faces a moral dilemma, and learns that doing the right thing for its own sake is the best course of action, and that luck may shine on those who act morally. Lin Yi is given money to buy items at the market for the Moon Festival. If he bargains well, he can purchase a red rabbit lantern for himself. But he must purchase everything on his mother's list first! This heart-warming story will resonate with both children and adults, as they learn about the wonderful Chinese Moon Festival and the rewards that come from putting others first. Set in China, this story offers an opportunity to learn about Chinese customs through the accessible story of a young boy who has his heart set on buying a lantern for the festival. This book includes informative notes about life in rural China and the Moon Festival. 
*Like every other September, we will look forward to an incredible  Roald Dahl Day, as well as the performances of Puppets for Peace.
* Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, the movie, opens in theaters September 19th. Check my schedule for where I'll be reading the book and possibly looking for kids' help in some mad science experiments of our own!  
*October will certainly be  Where the Wild Things Are  as we celebrate Maurice Senzdak's wonderful book (and others he wrote and/or illustrated) the whole month long...including a field trip to see the movie on October 16th!  Contact me for information on how you can be part of The Barefoot Storyteller's group. 

*Late October/Early November: Field Trip to Boston Museum of Science to see Harry Potter Exhibit in the works! Contact me for information on how you can be part of The Barefoot Storyteller's group. 

*November 10th - 14th: National Young Readers Week

*Other Barefoot Books new releases this autumn will include:
Starlight Sailor  Award-winning artist Jackie Morris' dream-like illustrations provide an enchanting interpretation of James Mayhew's lyrical poem: I wish I had a little boat, Far away I'd drift and float, where the great blue whales leap, and pirate ships lie sunken deep. Rhyming text will appeal to the very young who are not yet reading and older children to read for themselves. This book is suitable for the National Curriculum Predictable Structure & Patterned Language criterion for KS1. Appealing verse encourages children to use their imaginations, an ideal bedtime read, with beautiful illustrations and high production values - cloth spine and gold embossing. Jackie Morris runs art workshops for primary schools. Her workshops involve slide shows, painting demos and creating murals. She also reads the children stories and talks about how books are made and has recently run a workshop at the Edinburgh International Festival. This book includes instructions on how to make your own paper boat. 
Winter Shadow  Maria lives with her grandfather in a small mountain village in the snowy north. One winter morning, she is on her way to school when she spots a small grey bundle lying under a tree, half-covered in the powdery snow - a wolf cub! Maria knows that she should leave the cub, but her curiosity and compassion are aroused. Will the cub still be there when she walks home? "Personal and Social Development: New to the Barefoot Young Fiction" series, this debut novel by Rochdale author Richard Knight explores key issues around the relationship between humans and animals, and between the individual and their community. 

 Lin Yi's Lantern (One World, One Planet)  Starlight Sailor (Fun First Steps)  





Back to Schooling Autumn 2008 Newsletter


*This September we'll begin a new Children's Yoga program, based upon the book GAYO, A Young Pirate On A Treasure Hunt.  Please see the Yoga Classes page for more information on this and other yoga classes for childeren.


*September 13th is Roald Dahl Day and selected stories for the month are:

The Enormous Crocodile  by Roald Dahl : With his "secret plans and clever tricks," the Enormous Crocodile desires to lunch not with but on a nice, juicy child. His croc companion, the Notsobig One, is the first to try to talk him out of his scheme, claiming children are no good to eat, and then one jungle critter after another tries to prevent the Enormous Crocodile from carrying out his dastardly deed.

 The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl : A small boy with a desire to own a candy shop meets a window-washing team of a giraffe, a pelican, and a monkey and together they go to work for the wealthy Duke of Hampshire, who makes all their dreams come true.

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl : When James drops magic crystals by the peach tree, the toy peach starts growing, and before long, it’s as big as a house! 

*Then on October 22nd, those who have participated in previous "Peach" workshops are invited on a Field Trip to see James and the Giant Peach  presented by Windwood Theatricals with Deaf Theatre Adaption at the Waterville Opera House. Limited seats available through The Barefoot Storyteller


*September 29th is Puppets for Peace Day  International Puppets for Peace Day was initiated seven years ago after 9/11. The inspiration for it was the image of many hearts and hands around the world focusing on the good. You are invited to join the many others on six continents and celebrate Peace through Story and Puppetry. There can be puppet shows big and small, in public venues, in the quiet of your home, in classroom, school community, well practiced, or spontaneous. They all contribute to the powerful joy-bringing healing of the world. Sharing puppet stories that let goodness shine out, that bring to life cooperation between people, that warm our hearts and make us laugh with the wonder of life, can become story seeds that help us understand the world, and all that is unique and universal in it's people. It is held on Michaelmas Day, September 29th, a day to remind us we can be courageous in the face of chaos, and the "dragons" of the world. (with all due respect to my friend Herb...they mean the un-friendly kind)


*October 1st: Book It! Program begins.  see the blog for more information


*Turnip Cooking Classes return in October along with reading/performances of The Gigantic Turnip


*Regular reading groups will start with:

For the under five year olds groups:

The Beeman  Written by Laurie Krebs, Illustrated by Valeria Cis : Told from the viewpoint of a child whose Grandpa is a beekeeper, this rhyming text offers an accessible and engaging introduction to the behavior of bees, including: where they live, how honey is made, and what a beekeeper does.  Fun activity sheets follow.

For ages five to eight:

Diary of a Worm  Written by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss :  As the title suggests, this is the diary of a worm. This worm lives with his parents, plays with his friends, and even goes to school. But unlike you or me, he never has to take a bath, he gets to eat his homework, and because he doesn't have legs, he just can't do the hokey pokey – no matter how hard he tries. Tells the daily doings of a small worm in a gigantic worm world.  There will be activity sheets and suggested writting/drawing  exercisies following the book reading.

For ages eight to twelve:

The return of last year's September favorite   The Boy Who Loved Words written by Roni Schotter and illustrated by Giselle Potter Following this book reading, children will be given a selection of randomly cut out words and/or be given the chance to cut out words on their own, with and use them to write a paragraph to describe themselves.


Book clubs for ages eight to twelve will be reading:

Little Leap Forward  Written by Guo Yue and Clare Farrow and illustrated by Helen Cann : The first in Barefoot Books' Young Fiction line, this sensitively written, real-life story focuses on growing up in Beijing in the 1960s, at the time of the Cultural Revolution. Little Leap Forward offers children an intimate and immediate account of a child’s experiences as Mao Tse Tung’s Great Leap Forward policy tightens its grip on China.

Arthur of Albion  Written by John Matthews and Illustrated by Pavel TatarnikovThe ultimate book on King Arthur! Combining the best-known stories about Arthur and his court with fascinating research on who Arthur really was and where Camelot was built, and the relationships between the main characters in the legends, this magnificent edition has been designed and illustrated to the highest standards.

(Book Club purchases are eligible for 15% off...ask me for coupon code before ordering on-line at


To purchase the books:

 The Beeman,  The Gigantic Turnip,  Little Leap Forward,  and  Arthur of Albion  are all available through my Barefoot Books web-site  or myself in person. Here are some easy order links for the other books.




Spring 2008 Newsletter


Reminder - Read Across America Day is Monday March 3rd. See the  Dr. Suess  page for more info. 

Reminder - Children's Book Week is May 18th - 24th


Featured New Barefoot Books Releases:

Bear at Work Written by Stella Blackstone, Illustrated by Debbie Harter : In the newest addition to the best-selling Bear series, we find Bear hard at work as a postman. Follow Bear as he delivers letters, parcels and packages all over town, meeting other bears, all busy working at their different jobs.

The Sounds Around Town Written and Illustrated by Maria Carluccio : What do you hear when you walk outside? This story follows a baby through his day in the city, focusing on the many sounds that he hears. From birdsong in the morning to the hubbub of traffic on the streets and the sounds and smells of the market and café, this simple, interactive picture book will open up your ears!

Emily’s Tiger Written and Illustrated by Miriam Latimer : Whenever Emily doesn’t get her way, she growls and roars like a tiger. She roars when her mother tries to cut her hair, she roars when she doesn’t get picked to be the assistant to the clown at a birthday party… what are her mom and dad going to do with their tiger-daughter? Then Grandma comes to stay — and she knows a thing or two about tigers and tempers!

The Real Princess: A Mathemagical Tale Written by Brenda Williams, Illustrated by Sophie Fatus : A classic with a twist, this number-crunching take on “The Princess and the Pea” features not just one princess, but three, not to mention four horses, five dogs, six grooms, seven gardeners, and all kinds of chances for young mathematicians to put their adding and subtracting to the test!


Back-to-Schooling September 2007 Newsletter


For some of us, the Summer has flown by much too quickly as do many of the seasons of our children. For The Barefoot Story teller the closing stages of Summer means the ending of some specially scheduled library story times, and with Autumn, the beginning of another opportunity to be involved in school programs.


September Stories:

I am beginning September with three books new to my list.

For the under five year olds groups:

Listen, Listen written by Phillis Gershator and illustrated by Alison Jay. This beautiful new book celebrates the sounds of the seasons. (it is indeed a Barefoot Books release, and as available for sale) This book reading will include listening for, identifying, and imitating sounds…and will end with themed drawing. (awareness of environment and self)

For ages five to eight:

Max’s Words written by Kate Banks and illustrated by Boris Kulikov. Following this book reading, children will be given a selection of randomly cut out words and/or be given the chance to cut out words on their own, and use them to build a picture. Two alternative group projects: One, is a kind of fill in the blanks game, with each child having a selection of words to choose from. The other, is to have each child build a sentence, and then as a group, see if they can tell a story. (word and meaning recognition and relation)

For ages eight to twelve:

The Boy Who Loved Words written by Roni Schotter and illustrated by Giselle Potter Following this book reading, children will be given a selection of randomly cut out words and/or be given the chance to cut out words on their own, with and use them to write a paragraph to describe themselves


New this Autumn:

I’m not sure if these will start these in September…or October, but due to the tremendous success of the vegetarian cooking classes that have accompanied Herb the Vegetarian Dragon, The Barefoot Storyteller is adding a turnip soup class for The Giant Turnip, and a gingerbread cookie class for The Gingerbread Man.



New Barefoot Book Releases:

In addition to Phillis Gershator’s new release, there are other new books coming out I am sure to be adding to my readings. For a sneak peek at these, you can ask for a Barefoot Books catalog or even a personal preview, or visit my Barefoot Books web-site

One City, Two Brothers written by Chris Smith and illustrated by Aurélia Fronty

Two bickering brothers stand before the wise King Solomon and he decides to share with them the story of two other brothers who lived long before their time. By retelling the story of how Jerusalem came to be, he offers guidance in hope that they will learn to appreciate one another and the value of sharing.

Fireside Stories retold by Caitlín Matthews, and illustrated by Helen Cann

Settle back while you listen to these wonderful wintry tales. Drawn from countries and cultures all around the world, these stories express the magnificent and unique aspects of the season. From a group of courageous Russian animals to a legend about a bag of warmth that can keep winter away forever, these cozy stories are sure to keep out the winter chill.

The Tear Thief written by Carol Ann Duffy, and illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Each night, in the hours between supper and bedtime the Tear Thief carries her waterproof, silvery sack over her shoulder as she soundlessly steals the tears of every child who cries. But what does she do with all of those tears?

Motherbridge of Love anonymously written, illustrated by Josée Masse

This beautiful poem celebrates the bond between parent and child in a special way. Through the exchanges between a little Chinese girl and her adoptive parent, this title offers a poignant and inspiring message to adoptive parents and children all over the world.

Indian Tales written by Shenaaz Nanji, and illustrated by Christopher Corr

The stories you will find here come from all over the Indian subcontinent. Magical spirits in the mountains of the northeast, sneaky robbers and brave heroines in the heart of the Indus Valley; action and adventure in the far south, and much, much more!



Don’t forget, The Barefoot Storyteller proudly offers "bulk" discounts to schools, libraries, and groups.*

I offer a 10% discount on orders of 20 - 49 books or Cds of the same title, a 20% discount when you order 50 or more of the same title...or a standard 15% discount for any mixed title group order over $500**

*Discounts do not apply to on-line orders **$500 mixed title discount is not to be combined with the same title discount offer, and is intended for stocking not fund raising. Please contact me for further information on fundraising if you are interested.

Free delivery within a 30-mile radius for all orders over $200

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