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It is a pleasure to use eco-kids® products in my classes & workshops. Everyone loves the vibrant hues, smooth feel, and knowing that they are made with non-toxic natural (plant based) ingredients.  They are now available for sale at select venues, as well as on-line.


please contact me for ordering information



eco-Finger Paint  $20.00

Gluten Free  $24.00

Five 4oz containers make 60+ ounces of paint




eco-Paint Brush Set  $8.00

Four brushes, sizes 7, 8, 10, 12




eco-Art Pad  $8.00

FSC Certified Paper/Rainforest Alliance Certification, and printed with soy inks.

Fifty  9” x 12” sheets per pad




eco-Crayons  $8.00

25% beeswax, 75% fruit, plant & vegetable extracts.   Six colors




eco-Dough    $20.00

Gluten Free  $24.00

Five 4oz containers