Barefoot Under the Storyteller Moon

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In addition to my art and handcrafts, I also present carefully chosen companies' products that nurture children's creativity as well.


Many of my story times include the use of Folkmanis Puppets, and people are always commenting on how beautiful they are and are interested in getting some themselves. Well it just so happens that I have proudly been offering Folkmanis Puppets for sale for quite a few years! You can purchase a selection from me at most events I do, contact me by email with your interest, or order a limited variety of select puppets through this linkAll current personally in stock puppets listed below are shipped directly from me, when you order directly from me. (Makes senses, eh?)


Finger Puppets:

Brown Bear $8

Lop Earred Bunny $8

Barn Owl $8

Raven $8   *three available



Hand Puppets:

Brown Bear $28

Grizzly Cub $28