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Lynn Plourde


It's a joy to read these wonderful books by Maine author Lynn Plourde. However, I can hardly bring them to life in the incredible way that Lynn herself certainly does!  Indeed, if you ever have the chance to hear her in person, I strongly suggest you do so!  You can visit her web-site here, and in the meantime, the following is the list of her books that I currently share: 


Wild Child

Winter Waits

Spring's Sprung

Summer's Vacation

The First Fued

Pigs In The Mud

Moose, Of Course!

Dino Pets




Also available are Readers Circle events. Like a book club (or Storyteller Moon ORBS), without having read the book first! Designed for Picture Book, Blooming, and Young Readers, I read aloud and the participants follow along, or take turns reading, then we discuss the book, and do activities related to the books. Just like the ORBS, books are also purchased through me at a 20% discount.