Barefoot Under the Storyteller Moon

art, theater, story & creativity

My needle and wet felted art, along with handcrafted masks, hats, puppets, hand dyed playsilks, and other fun things... are all inspired by imagination, and tales from around the world. They are offered in the spirit of my children's storytelling performances and workshops.

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 In addition to my own hand-dyed silks, Storyteller Moon  also proudly offers  Sarah's Silks

Play Canopies, Dress-ups, Capes, Wings, 
& more.
Sarah's Silks is dedicated to creating natural fiber dress-ups and toys in the Waldorf tradition. They believe that a child's imagination is precious and can be nurtured by giving them open-ended beautiful toys made from natural materials. They offer many playthings for creating an environment rich in imaginative play. Each silk they make is hand-crafted and asthetically pleasing. They have been in business for ten years and are still home based. Their own three children are their inspiration, product testers, and models. They use a cottage industry model of business and have fifteen seamstresses who are women at home with their small children.

Stay tuned for easy on-line ordering!  In the meantime, view the entire Sarah's Silks collection for sale at my events!


Children's imagination and creative spirit are stirred and nurtured by playthings that offer opportunities for creative open-ended play.  Playsilks are versatile, with infinite possibilities! Toddlers and pre-schoolers love to pretend.  Playsilks can be part of a costume or disguise, helping your little ones become: a princess, prince, pirate, king or queen...a fairy or elf, bird, bat, bee, or butterfly, even the blowing wind or rain. They can also be used to create children's spaces, like forts, or quiet spots for reading or thinking. They are also wonderful backgrounds for nature play...  a blue playsilk makes an excellent ocean or sky, and forest silks in shades of brown and green make hills and meadows.  Perfect for your seasonal nature tables!