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Storybook Activities


As we all learn and grow, there are subjects and stories you may not find here, but go ahead and ask...there's no telling what I may come up with from my bag of tricks!  You can take a tour of enchantment through your own back yard, or of a land far far away; exploring different cultures and folktales of one world with many stories, all under a Storyteller Moon. Dream Big, Dig Beneath the Surface!


Roald Dahl Stories

Shel Silverstein Stories

Eric Carle Stories

Jan Brett Stories

Dr. Suess Stories

Lynn Plourde Stories

Barefoot Books Stories

Yoga Activities


Also available are Readers Circle events. Like a book club (or Storyteller Moon ORBS), without having read the book first! Designed for Picture Book, Blooming, and Young Readers, I read aloud and the participants follow along, or take turns reading, then we discuss the book, and do activities related to the books. Just like the ORBS, books are also purchased through me at a 20% discount.