Barefoot Under the Storyteller Moon

art, theater, story & creativity

"It's storytelling with an inventful and educational edge." - Jason S.



As a storyteller, I:


*Share folk tales, and fairy tales, and circus acts, and story science...
*Enjoy audience participation and do performances/workshops with children and/or adults, building stories with visual art and performing art...
*Create costumes and puppets and props...

* I'm a storyteller...I adapt!

I have performed at the Common Ground Fair multiple times, as well as The Unity Barnraisers, The Inside Out Playground, The Children's Discovery Museum... libraries and schools across Maine, the US, and a few other countries...  Co-founded and co-direct the elementary after school performing arts program for RSU#3...  Presented sessions and workshops at educational conferences...  and am an international woman of mystery "at large".

As a storyteller, some of the stories  that I tell are those that have been passed around for centuries, some are kindled by my surroundings, and multitudes are inspired by books.  I carry stories (mostly just bounding and bouncing around in my head where there's lots of room to grow,  but other times contained within books) along with me wherever I go, just in case there's the need for a know: in the park, at the farmers market, waiting in chairs at the Department of Motor Vehicals....

My  storyteller for hire fees begin at $85* an hour for a traditional childrens storytelling, or book reading, usually followed by a time for a bit of an art project or a  Q&A.   Upon this site you will also find a  list of other craft and learning activity events  that can be used to supplement the experience,  at a further charge.  An appearance fee of $300 is typically charged for lectures and conferences. Workshop fees vary.

I strive, and hopefully succeed, to make all of my presentations fun along with educational. 


* all fees are always negotiable      


Additional travel fee beyond 30 mile radius of Freedom, Maine does apply.